As I spend my week in Bali, an Indonesian friend shared a contact of a Shaman. One morning, after breakfast, I decided to visit him.

I offered the guests in house if they wanted to join me on this trip to Ubud and they did. With much excitement, we start our journey towards his ‘Pura’. Much to our disappointment, Pak Mangku, ‘was out fishing’. They really should have put up that sign at the front of the Pura ‘Gone Fishing’.
We were asked to come back between 2-230pm. It was 1030am, I had to think quick, what next.

So I contacted a healer recommended by a friend in Jakarta to see if she could accommodate us 4. But she was fully booked. Yikes. Now what?!!
I had to think quick and remembered that I have been wanting to visit, Tirta Empul known as the water temple. The ‘holy water spring’ temple has 13 spouts. The explained to us to pray, drink and cleanse ourselves in the first 11 as the last 2 are for funeral cleansing.

It was an amazing experience and we were glad to have done this impromptu trip despite not wearing the correct gear. We had no bathers, no towels but we wanted to do this. We were meant to be there on that day and proves that we didn’t need to be dressed for the occasion but we were happy to dip ourselves in the provided sarongs and change back into our clothes after the rituals.

Soon after that, and a quick lunch, we went back to the Pura to meet the Pak Mangku. There was a non-numbered queueing system. Everyone somehow just knew who was ahead of them. After an hours wait, he asked my 3 guests to write their names and DOB but not mine. He said for you, later.

He came back telling them about themselves and they were then allowed to ask questions. I anxiously thought it was my turn after helping translate for the 3 of them. To my disappointment, he says to me, come back tomorrow at 11am. What! He then said there are too many people here and talk to me when its more private. The irony is, I was thinking it. How could I ask him about some personal questions in front of my guests? I felt like he heard my thoughts.

The very next morning, after our fantastic Ab & Box circuit workout, I headed to Ubud again. I managed to see Pak Mangku this time and he answered my questions and guided me on some doubts. I felt lifted with him words.

I had made an appointment with the healer without any expectations. I entered her temple, being a Hindu, I was happy to see Lord Shiva & Ganesh statues and pictures all over the room. It immediately gave me comfort.
She asked me what my problem was and I told her that I developed Morton’s Neuroma last year on both my feet and it hadn’t improved despite 6 months of physiotheraphy. I was asked to underdress and climb the bed. I kid you not, the healer had magic in hands. The places without pain, felt natural to a touch of a light massage but the points with problems was intense. I will let you discover this on your own. So, with this I conclude that I found my SPACE package. The SPACE Retreat is a journey within yourself.