Your truth is in the air.

Independence | Charm | Creativity

The air is constantly moving and influencing the way we live our lives; even when we can’t see it. AIR the most intangible yet potent element, is often associated with intellect, charm & freedom. Winds give way for changing thoughts making room for uninhibited creativity. Our AIR Retreat aims to provide a playground for your senses. You are invited to take casual walks in rice paddies & low impact hikes up Ubud’s mountains. Wake up your inner artist in a paint class on the tip a scenic hill; feel the wind, take in nature.  Our AIR Retreat helps you exploring the power of your breath; you will learn & practice both Pranayama and “Art of Living” breathing exercises daily. Experience how rhythms of our inhales and exhales can metamorphosize your soul.

Join us and give thanks to the invisible, indispensable, life force… AIR.