We are excited to introduce a one-of-a-kind retreat for those who wants to experience the thrill of equestrian and horse riding. This equestrian retreat is suitable for riders of all levels.

This unique experience combines daily riding lessons with a trail ride amongst the picturesque Bali landscape, with the relaxation of daily yoga and massage sessions to pamper yourself after that. The the best of both worlds!

Carol Dixon – Your World Class Trainer

The equestrian retreat is lead by Carol Dixon. Carol comes with an impressive background. She has groomed many state and national riders over the years. A professional with 40 years of experience in horse riding and training, and had also done her apprenticeship under the guidance of Clemen Dierks, the Olympic Coach for Australia.

After completing her apprenticeship, she headed to Germany for two years to train with Herr Von Neindorff (a master from Vienna’s Spanish Riding School). Since that time Carol has riden professionally, trained clientele to the highest competitive levels, run her own equestrian and warm blood breeding establishment and continues to share her vast experience and wealth of knowledge with riding enthusiasts throughout the world.

Carol trains a vast list of clientele for competition and recreation. She returns to Germany once a year to continue training and nurture international equestrian relationships.