My lifelong journey with holistic self care and wellness began with my first getaway last year in Bali. Years of being an entrepreneur, a wife and a mother gave me immense joy, but left me with little time to unwind and really engage with the self on a spiritual level. I was constantly crossing the finish line of one race, only to start running the next. My time in Bali was a desperate attempt to find answers and a ritual that would keep me centered through the shifting paradigms of life. Throughout my week in Bali, I found some answers, but more importantly, discovered better questions to ask myself and the universe; why is it that while caring for those around us, we so often forget ourselves? Why has self care been commoditized in products and not in experiences? What can I now do having learnt these fruitful truths to help others find their own refreshed perspectives and learnings? And so Escape Ritual was conceived. The rest as they say, is history.

Make it a ritual to escape!